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Name:The Net
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The Network is the social network to end all other social networks. Spanning across the multiverse, any character from any canon or time period might find themselves with access. Whether through the use of a tablet, a magical parchment, or any other means you can think of, your character can now voice their thoughts, record their actions, or vent their frustrations for all the worlds to see.

✒ This is a casual, open community for voice testing or free RP without breaking the fourth wall. Think of it like [community profile] dear_mun, only your characters are talking to each other, not to you.

✒ You can go into detail about how your character found and accessed the network, gloss over it, or ignore it entirely and just have them dive in. Same goes for whether or not they know they're addressing a whole host of strangers, or how they react to friends who are dead in their canon, etc. As a casual community, we don't need to be overly focused on details like we would be in a serious game with an actual plot.

✒ That said, keep it IC, folks. This is for your character, not for you. That means game advertisements, OOC musings, OOC journals, and anything breaking your own character's fourth wall (ie: "oh my god, I'm a fictional character in a game controlled by a group of fangirls") is right out.

✒ Characters breaking each others fourth walls (ie: "oh my god, you're batman") is just fine, as long as everyone involved is cool with it. State your preferences up front, ask permission, back off if someone asks you to, etc.

✒ Use cuts and warnings. If it's long or contains images, put it under a cut. If your post involves graphic content or discussion, cut and warn. Always cut for spoilers. When in doubt if it still counts as a spoiler, a cut never hurts.

✒ The usual RP rules apply. No godmoding, communicate with each other, keep it respectful.

✒ If anyone is breaking these simple rules, harassing you, or otherwise being a disturbance, you can report it here.

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